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Ajnaware Pty Ltd is a software development and innovation business located in Sydney Australia, founded by Graham Dawson in January 2008.

The company's main objective is to develop products which enhance awareness of self and the surrounding world - as aids towards more enlightened living.

In July 2008, Ajnaware initiated a venture with the support of startup incubator Pollenizer to create applications for the iPhone, via the ozPDA brand name. Since then a wide range of apps for iOS, Android and macOS have been successfully launched, some of which are perennial appstore favourites, such as Sun Seeker and Oz Weather and have been frequently featured as Apple's editor picks.

Where does the name come from?

Ajna n. (Ājña) is the sixth primary chakra, located in the centre of the forehead, and is sometimes referred to as the 'third eye'. It becomes active when the personality is well integrated and mentally focussed and it acts as the directing agent for the blended and fused energies of the personality.

Aware a. (Awâr) is to have knowledge, understanding, realization or perception.

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Graham Dawson is the founder and director of Ajnaware Pty Ltd.

He has a B.Sc. in physics and meteorology, and a Ph.D. in dynamic coastal oceanography.

Recent apps created by Ajnaware under the ozPDA banner include Sun Seeker, Moon Seeker, Wind Seeker, Oz Weather Plus, and Everywhere.

Other iOS and macOS apps developed for third parties include the astrology app Astro Gold (published by Cosmic Apps Pty Ltd)

He was also the founder and Technical Director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd until 2007, and was the creator and primary developer of the following commercially successful astrology programs: Solar Fire®, Solar Maps, Solar Writer, Solar Spark, JigSaw, AstroTides, The Imperial Astrologer (see Esoteric Technologies product listings). He also authored ZoneTrekker, an international timezone and holiday desktop utility program.

Contact: gpdawson [at] ajnaware [dot] com
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